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Easter Sailing - by Alex

Posted on June 1st, 2017 in Boating Activities by Richard

I arrived at the sailing course feeling excited, nervous and ready for the day ahead. As soon as everyone had arrived we learnt about safety and clothing on the river. After that we learnt about the parts of a sailing boat and began to rig (assemble) them. Next we went out in pairs with a leader on the larger sailing boats. During the ride we had a go at controlling the sail. It was really fun especially as Mark (our leader) had sweets! Then, after we got out of the boat, we began to learn the basics of turning the boat. After mastering this we were finally able to go out in pairs without a leader! I was so thrilled when I heard this. While out on the water we sailed up and down the river practicing a newly learnt technique. One person would control the tiller (a steering mechanism for a sailing boat) and the main sheet (a rope that controls the main sail) the other would control the jib, the smaller sail. Next we had lunch and a quick break. I was so excited for the next few hours!

Next we switched partners and repeated what we did before lunch. After a few hours of this we got out of our boats and helped derig the boats. We were allowed to get changed soon after and I went home explaining all the exciting activities!

The next day, I woke up early knowing there was another thrilling day ahead of me. We arrived and met our new instructor (Graeme), he announced to us that we were sailing to Kingston to have lunch and an ice cream! I was happy as we packed our stuff and headed out onto the water. During the sail we had occasional gusts of wind, which is great when sailing as it helps you go quicker. While on the river we enjoyed splashing everyone! After a while we got there and had lunch and an ice- cream. DELICIOUS! We had a quick rest and were soon back on the water. We were allowed to sail anywhere within a certain area. One of the other children capsized (fell in the water) it was hilarious! We were so tired after that we were allowed to get pulled back. When we got back we had to capsize as part of the stage 1 sailing criteria. I was nervous at first but I did it and I found it was fun so I did it again! After that we got changed into warm clothes (so nice!!!) and went home knowing I could sail.