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Last boating of the year....

Posted on January 7th, 2018 by Richard


On December 30th me and 7 others went powerboating on the river. We had a fun day of learning how to control the boat and how to prepare it. Before we got on the river we checked the oil and learnt about what to do to the engine before going out. Then we got dressed ready for boating, put everything we needed in the boat and got on the river. Half of us went out in the rigiflexes and the other half went out in the displacement boats. Those who were in the rigiflexes had to steer the boats in figure of eights and did ferry gliding.( were you use the power of the river to help you cross it.) Then we swapped round. If you were in the rigiflexes you went in the displacement boats and so on. In the displacement boats you went further upstream and did figure of eights and stopping in the exact place. Once we had done that we did man overboards. 4 people went in the rigiflexes and did that and the other 4 watched to see how you did it. Once we had done that we put the boats away and headed inside. We talked about what we had done and then left.