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Scuba diving - A Scout's view

Posted on May 29th, 2017 by Richard

First we met at the scout hall; I arrived early so I had to wait for a while whilst everyone else turned up. Once everyone arrived we did the register and then got in the mini van, when we were driving in the mini van most people ate the food/lunch that they brought. When we got to the swimming pool we waited in the van for about 10 minutes, whilst the leaders ate their lunch.

Once they had finished we got out and went into a hall way where after a few minutes a lady then came and started telling us what to do, what we were going to be doing and what different signs to look for during the scuba diving.

We were then divided into two groups, I was in group one so I was the first group to do the scuba diving. Once I had gotten changed we got into a wet suit then into the swimming pool, when we were in the swimming pool the men that were scuba diving with us then helped us get out oxygen tanks on and the other equipment. When everyone had their equipment on, the instructors got us to put our head in the water so we could practice breathing underwater with our respirators, which I found quite easy, I also found it very easy to get used to.

This session was 40 minutes long, in that 40 minutes we just got used to it and swam around in the swimming pool. After about 20 minutes we were allowed to go into the deep, we all tried to touch the bottom which we were all able to do, I think. Once our session finished, group two then went, so whilst they were getting their equipment I was getting changed back into my polo shirt. When group 2 got out and group 3 arrived, my group did a second register plus we were all given rubber bands to wear as a gift.

Once group two had done that we left early because group 3 hadn't come on the mini bus and instead got a lift home from their parents.